IWBAS 2018, the International Week hosted by the TAMK School of Business and Services 

Welcome to the 5th IWBAS 2018, the International Week hosted by the TAMK School of Business and Services 19 – 23 March 2018.
The purpose of the week is to enhance international collaboration with our partner universities. The International Week serves as a forum for sharing knowledge and developing innovative ideas leading to deeper collaboration and joint international projects. Our main focus is business and hospitality management education and R&D.
Theme of the Week
The theme of the week is ‘Future Prospects and Phenomena in the Field of Business and Services’.
Since the development of the business world is changing faster than ever before, efficient communication between teaching and research, as well as  collaboration between educational institutions and enterprises is strongly needed. During the week in general, and specifically during the project idea workshops, we will jointly identify and innovate opportunities for higher education institutions to actively engage in creating a better future. The goal is to find new ways to support and promote internationalization and integrate education and R&D. We will also investigate methods to deepen university-enterprise collaboration by utilizing the EU project funding.
Contents of the Week
The theme of the week will be presented in three different ways:
  1. Learning sessions provided by the incoming international guests to our Bachelor level students
  2. Workshops on current research/project presentations introducing international cooperation ideas by the guests and TAMK’s personnel
  3. Seminar ‘The Future of International Business’ will bring together experts, scholars and students to discuss the prospects and needs of the topic.

Details of the program will be confirmed after the registration closes.

On Friday March 23 there will be an event called the “Future of International Business” at TAMK. You are more than welcome to participate.
“The Future of International Business” day is a special half a day to one day event that brings together local companies, international business students, IB alumni and others interested to learn and exchange ideas about the following topics:

· What will the future of international business look like?
· What kind of skills are needed to make Finnish companies grow internationally?
· What is going on in different countries such as USA and Vietnam now and in the future?
There will be inspiring keynote speakers and interactive workshops.

Participants and Organizers
The guests of the week will be teaching staff of business and hospitality management from our partner universities worldwide. The week will also welcome R&D and innovation experts from these universities to network and develop new joint international project ideas.
The teaching staff of the School of Business and Services at TAMK will be taking part in the International Week with their students. The participating students are both Finnish and international undergraduates studying at TAMK. Project specialists from TAMK’s R&D and Innovation Services will also take part in facilitating the project idea workshops.
There is a participation fee of 120 € including social program during the week. This will include different events enabling spending time together, sharing common interests and networking in informal settings and at the same time getting to know the different elements of Finnish culture.
The participants will cover their own travel, accommodation and lunch costs.
Participants whose institutions are members of the ERASMUS+ mobility program can apply for an ERASMUS+ grant at their home institutions.
Application Form  
The application form is open from 10 November to 15 January 2018.
Link to the online application form:
Do not miss this great opportunity to learn, teach, network and create something new!
We are looking forward to seeing you in IWBAS 2018!
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Ms. Mari Rytisalo and Ms.  Irja Pietilä:

 Ms. Mari Rytisalo
Tel. +358 40 631 6301
Ms. Irja Pietilä
Tel. +358 50 5977 515